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About the site:
  • Photos on this site may be used for non-commercial purposes. When photos are used, credit should be given to thcphotography.com. If the use is commercial, then permission is required.
  • I presently use a Nikon D300 (12.3-megapixel) camera with a Nikkor 18-200 lens. Photos from this camera measure 4288x2848 pixels, however the uploaded pictures typically do not exceed 1024 pixels in width. The high resolution versions are available upon request.
  • I am available for photo assignments in the Philadelphia (southeastern Pennsylvania) area.

About the photographer:
  • After retiring from teaching I decided to pursue my interest in photography. This website has given me a start in the "photography business."
  • My photos have been used in architectural portfolios, advertisements, government and commercial promotional materials, school catalog covers, a Philadelphia guide cover, and numerous websites. One of my photographs of Harvard Hall was used in the book Boston: City on a Hill, and another photo, this one of the skyline of Philadelphia, was featured in a full-page ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer for radio station B101.
  • The most interesting project that I have had to date involved taking pictures to be used to make wall murals in a commercial building. One mural was a 17.5 foot tall picture of City Hall in Philadelphia and the other was a 9x35 foot view of the skyline of Philadelphia. Both photos were composites. For the skyline I took 32 frames (two rows of sixteen) from the roof of a center city skyscraper. The combining of the individual photos to form the large panoramas was done by Eykon, a wallcovering company headquartered in Memphis, TN.

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