The following  photos were taken on a 4-day trip to visit two of my three children, Sarah in Manhattan and Steve in the Boston area. Unfortunately Mike could not be included since he lives in Beijing, China.


A rising One World Trade Center as seen from the New Jersey Turnpike. The Pulaski Skyway is in the middle distance.



 The Lipstick Building (left) stands at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and 53rd Street.



Same intersection at night.



Citibank Building rests on supercolumns. A student’s question¬†lead ¬†William LeMessurier, the building’s designer, to realize that there were some serious design and construction flaws in the the new building (strong quartering winds could blow the building over).¬† As a result, workers were hired to secretly repaired the structure and¬†a future disaster was made less likely. It was many years before the public became aware of this cautionary tale. In other words, I wouldn’t plan on being in NYC during a catagory 5 hurricane.



Citibank Geometry.



Citibank Building does some skyscraping.



In the center is the Sony Building ( formerly AT&T Building) which is also known as the Chippendale Building. Philip Johnson and John Burgee were the architects of this 1984 structure.


599 Lexington Avenue, The Benjamin Hotel, Marriott East Side Hotel (formerly Shelton Towers Hotel), and Chrysler Building.



Waldorf-Astoria Hotel turret with General Electric Building in foreground.



Temple Ahawath Chesed SH (second from left).



100 United Nations Plaza Tower with Trump (where have I heard that name before?) World Tower in the background.



Off to Boston.