You are definitely in trouble if you’re trading off your Martin:

YouTube mystery man:

This just isn’t fair:

Nice Leonard Cohen song the way it should be sung:

I know he’s not playing the quitar, and I have no problem with that:

And then there is this:


Just a busker from Venice Beach:

3rd street Promenade (Santa Monica, California) busker:

Some more THC approved music: (Mary Chapin Carpenter.) (Emmy Lou and friends.) (Tavis Tritt.) (from the man himself.) (her singer/songwriter father, Terry Gilkyson, was born in Phoenixville, PA.) (Her father died before he could hear this song.) (Neil Diamond at the height of his powers ( deep, internal, intense, and mysterious).) (The venue/song/singer combination is somewhat ironic. That being said, I know of no one else who has the perfect attitude for this 60’s anthem. And why not, he¬†wrote the song.) (Lynne Byrem, from Bloomsburg, PA,  (a.k.a. Lacy J. Dalton) sings 16th Avenue.) (The songwriter’s version of 16th Avenue.) (An encore performance by Frettkillr. The song, Darcey Farrow, was written by Steve Gillette and Tom Campbell.) (Surprisingly profound.) (Jim is gone, but apparently Jesse can still pick.) (Tish Hinojosa on Austin City Limits.) (One amazing voice)

Newer links: (If you want to add a little soul to a song, you’ve come to the right singer. Lucinda!) (Jim Cantore never sounded like this.) (And why don’t we ever hear this on The Weather Channel?) (Iconic canadian song sung by the songwriter himself, Ian Tyson. His former wife, Sylvia, is singing by his side. At the end he is joined by Murray McLaughlan, Judy Collins, Gordon Lightfoot, and Emmylou Harris.) (Let us head south from Alberta to the Texas border town of El Paso and hear Raul Malo sing a classic song written and made famous by Marty Robbins. Raul can sing!) (A one hundred plus year old cowboy standard of questionable origins sung by cowgirl Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak. Newman is featured on guitar. Or maybe not.) (I couldn’t find a video of Mo Bandy singing this classic cowboy song. I think Mo Bandy’s version is the best, but this rendition is pretty good for a¬†California rancher.¬†The song was derived from a Curley Fletcher poem written a century ago.) (John Gorka maybe from New Jersey, but he sings this one in Texas.) (Old White Men by Vance Gilbert.) (canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, lends some credibility to this Bowie song.) (Ted Hawkins sings There Stands the Glass, an old Webb Pierce song.) (Van Morrison interprets the previous song. I like the backup vocals.) (Morrison slows down¬†Don Gibson’s¬†song, I Can’t Stop Loving You. The backup vocals are terrific! This was an appearance on the eclectic Austin City Limits. Sadly, I’ve out lived my Austin City Limits T-shirt.) (Brian Stokes Mitchell has some good advice and I think Reba McIntyre is listening.) (John Doe, Cindy Wasserman, and Val McCullum sing Woodrow Wilson Guthries’ So Long it’s Been Good to Know Yuh.) (Woody’s friend and kind of the bridge from Guthrie to Dylan. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I think his voice isn’t what it used to be. Warning: not for everybody.) (The title of this song has some serious order of operations problems which I won’t get into. Fortunately you don’t have to understand the title¬†or the lyrics to love this Bob Dylan¬†song.) (Lacy J. Dalton sings about being a parent.) (This kind of grass is legal in all 50 states!)

Added after 9/29/2013: (Exuberant street singer,Clarence Milton Bekker, finds his way out from the depths of addiction by busking the streets of Barcelona.) (Clarence Bekker sings Killing Me Softly in Barcelona.) (Clarence again plays for change.) (An older Sungha Jung playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.) (Sungha Jung plays Country Roads.) ( John Denver (with James Burton on lead guitar) sings Back Home Again.)

Added after 11/5/2013: (Tish Hinojosa sings about the real West and some dubious astronomy.) (Tish gets autobiographical is this song about the west side of town.) (Lonnie Donegan, the King of Skiffle, sings the best dam song I know. The lead guitar player appears to be James Bond, no doubt under deep cover at the time. I could tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you.) (I thought that Lonnie Donegan’s version (see above)¬†of Woody Guthrie’s song, Grand Coulee Dam, was a lot of fun. Let’s see if Woody’s good friend Ramblin’ Jack Elliott has an opinion. (Alright Jack, here is a traditional version of Ranger’s Command.) ( An eclectic group of folk singers singing what might be called the People’s National Anthem.)

Phil Everly died January 3, 2014. The Everly Brothers produced remarkable harmonies, which I only now appreciate. (All I Have to Do Is Dream.) (Let It Be Me.) (Wake Up Little Susie.) (Crying in the Rain.) (Bye Bye Love.)

The Bee Gees were one of  the groups influenced by the Everly Brothers. (Maurice Gibb sings 1st of May with his ex- wife. Lulu. ) (Some of that genetic harmony in the song, Words.)

Pete Seeger died January 27, 2014. What an extraordinary person. (Where Have All The Flowers Gone?) (Some of the history of the above song.) (FOX NEWS couldn’t have been happy with this moment in american history.)

Added 04-26-2014 and after. (David Frizzell and Shelly West sing You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma.) (Arthur Smith died April 3, 2014. He was known for Dueling Banjos and Guitar Boogie.) (A young Sungha plays Michael Jackson”s Billie Jean.) (Don McLean sings Vincent.) (Leona Lewis sings Over The Rainbow with some insperation from Eva Cassidy.)  (Eva Cassidy sings Fields of Gold.) (Leona Lewis does a nice job on The First Time Fver I Saw Your Face. Roberta Flack  may have been the first to have a big hit with this song, but many others covered it before her.)¬† (It’s Just The Sun by Don McLean. McLean met Jim Croce while he briefly attended Villanova University.)¬†(Richard Thompson’s¬†1952 Vincent Black Lightning¬†is turned to Blue Grass by the DelMcCoury Band. The town’s name was changed from Box Hill to Knoxville.)